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Mobile-izing an Existing Site

There has been a lot of talk amongst my clients lately on how to make our existing sites more mobile device compatible. We have done some brainstorming, and have come up with some ideas on how to do this. Build a separate site The simplest thing to do would be to do build a separate […]

Visual Thesaurus Bends and Stretches Your Way to Synonyms

I have stayed connected to the search industry ever since I was involved with the original launch of the Pravachol web site ten years ago. One of the ways I have stayed connected is through great online resources like Alt Search Engines. This week they covered a great new online tool that helps its users […]

Sermo: It Takes a Village to Raise a Doctor

Daniel Palastrant, CEO of, has come to Bristol-Myers Squibb to speak at the quarterly OMNI meeting. This meeting is targeted to the individual Brand Teams and intends to bring innovative ideas into the company. Daniel came to talk about Sermo and Online Physician Communities – Salvation or Mirage? Direct from their web site, Sermo […]

20 Reasons Why DHTML Layers are Bad

A bit of background before I dive in to the post… My team and I are responsible for developing and supporting the Brand web sites for Bristol-Myers Squibb.  The Brand Teams and external Marketing Agencies develop a concept for their site, and they deliver a fully functional version of the site in  HTML to us […]

On The Road to Mix ’08

I consider myself blessed to work for a company I believe in, and in a field that I love.  Working in the field of web development is exciting.  The job is never the same.  The technology is always in flux.  Tomorrow will be different than today.  Bristol-Myers Squibb has treated me well.  And they are […]