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Debugging Home Run – Problem Step Recorder in Windows 7

4E38RY7KZA4J I just got an email about a really cool new tool built into Windows 7 that Microsoft used to debug their new platform. It is called Problem Step Recorder. The best thing to do is to post a snippet of the email right here. I think it says everything perfectly: “In case you’re not […]

Software Metrics

Being able to measure success for a software development group is a difficult thing. But not being able to show the success of your development group is a dangerous thing. Your management team will want to be able to measure quality, show improvement, and benchmark against industry standards. All the popular maturity models (if you […]

20 Reasons Why DHTML Layers are Bad

A bit of background before I dive in to the post… My team and I are responsible for developing and supporting the Brand web sites for Bristol-Myers Squibb.  The Brand Teams and external Marketing Agencies develop a concept for their site, and they deliver a fully functional version of the site in  HTML to us […]

My Most Useful Programming Development Tool Ever

The most useful development tool I use makes me more productive on lots of tasks all day long.  I can open just about anything I am working on, and get the job done fast.  It applies colors sparingly to my work, and helps me identify mistakes.  It helps me multitask, working on many things at […]

On The Road to Mix ’08

I consider myself blessed to work for a company I believe in, and in a field that I love.  Working in the field of web development is exciting.  The job is never the same.  The technology is always in flux.  Tomorrow will be different than today.  Bristol-Myers Squibb has treated me well.  And they are […]