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Accenture India Visit – Wrap Up

There are a lot of takeaways that I have brought back to the US with me after such a great trip to see Accenture in Bangalore, India: Accenture is a people-oriented culture. They have an enormous program to identify, train and retain the best talent in India. The team members are young, energetic, and ambitious. […]

Accenture India Visit – Photos of Bangalore

So it seems that I forgot to post a link to the photos I took of the first part of my week in Bangalore, India. You can follow that link and see India, or you can go to my flickr account and see all of my photo tags from the last two years. Leave some […]

Accenture India Visit – Flight Home and Mysore Photos

Rahgu came out to the hotel for Sunday bunch with Laurent and me. He brought his beautiful wife and cute kids. We talked about work, and vacations, and next steps. It was a nice send-off to a very productive and action-packed week. The flights home went smoothly. I sorted through my photos, and worked on […]

Accenture India Visit – Mysore

The drive to Mysore was a bit longer than expected. We were told that it would take anywhere from two to four hours, the most common answer being two and a half hours. It took us about three and a half. One thing I did notice is that the space between cities is more urbanized […]

Accenture India Visit – Wrap Up and Shopping

Friday was a very short day. We started off with a brief review of the week. I cannot believe how much we packed in. A bit too much, in fact. There were no real breaks, no time to recover. I also didn’t get a lot of time to spend with the team. If I were […]