Monthly Archives: September 2007

The Interview Killer – What Goes in the Head Tag?

As a department that designs, develops, and constructs web sites and web applications, one of the skills necessary is HTML development.  There are lots of other technical skills that are important – database development (i.e. Oracle or SQL Server), SQL and PL/SQL, C# .Net, ASP.Net, JavaScript, CSS, Java, Struts, and so on.  But since this […]

Week(s) in Review – Test, Test, Test!

It has been a bit of time since I have posted, and over that same period of time, I have been lax in reading the blogs I am subscribed to. The last 2 weeks the team has spent lots of time implementing Watin UI tests on one of our new sites. We have started to […]

The 6 Test Styles of Google Website Optimizer

So I attended the Google Website Optimizer webinar this Tuesday afternoon.   I did not know too much about the feature set of this particular tool, so I thought the webinar would be a good way for me to find out more.  The class was moderated by ROI Revolution.  They are a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant […]

The Truth About Plurals in Keywords

So I was reading through some forum postings on SEO and came across a question on about plurals in keywords.  Everyone agreed in the forum posts that including plurals in your keywords will give more accurate search results.  They recommend testing it yourself.  if you search for “search engine” and search for “search engines” you will […]

Google Reader Gets an Upgrade – Search!

Google Reader now has a fantastic new feature – the one I have been waiting for – Search!  It now is just as good as any desktop feed reader.  The only drawback is that it can only search what is in the RSS feed.  If the feed is a partial feed or title only feed, that […]