Monthly Archives: August 2007

Infragistics shows off their .Net Wares

Infragistics came to the office yesterday to show us their shiny new products and to talk about their roadmap for development. We scheduled the meeting as part of the .Net Working Group series, and was the first working group meeting of 2007. Jack Schwinn, one of our Sales Reps, brought in Devin Rader and Andrew […]

7 Sources that Laugh at SEO and Web Analytics

Everyone needs a little comic relief.  So I have compiled a list of funny Search Engine and Analytics sources here for your amusement.  Take a break and laugh a little. Video – The Break-Up Dilbert Comic on Web Analytics Top 21 Signs You Need a Break from SEO  Web Analytics According to Captain Kirk SEO […]

26 Definitions from the Web Analytics Association

A Press Release from The Web Analytics Association announces the delivery of 26 Standard Definitions to Promote Consistency across the Rapidly Evolving Web Analytics Community.  These were released at the much-hyped Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose, California.  This is a follow up to their release of their Web Analytics “Big Three” Definitions in 2006, […]

Microsoft Has Entered the Building!

Microsoft came to the office today to walk us through their Technology Roadmap. David Solivan, our Architect Evangelist, came in and spent 4 hours walking through the future vision of Microsoft and their products and services. His presentation was split into two sections – Enterprise Product Roadmap and Enterprise Developer Roadmap. Below are my notes […]

10 Steps to Conduct a Successful .Net Job Interview

This is a follow-up post to my posts on .Net Hiring Manager Resources and on Preparing for a .Net Interview. I will be interviewing a number of candidates next week for open positions in our department. I thought it would be good to review the process that we have typically followed, and get feedback. 1. […]